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Herbalife Dinoshake – Original Children’s Drink Mix – 200 g


Buy Original Herbalife’s Dinoshake, a drink mix for every growing child on Readillion. This Dinoshake provides essential nutrition that includes protein and key nutrients to meet growing kids’ daily needs. This shake comes in two flavors, i.e. chocolate and strawberry and is approved by FSSAI.

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Herbalife’s Dinoshake is a drink mix marketed in India. Provides essential nutrition that includes protein and key nutrients to meet growing kids’ daily needs. Key points:

  • Great tasting shake with essential vitamins and minerals kids need every day.
  • Excellent source of Calcium, Protein and antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives.

The weight of Item: 200 Grams

FSSAI Licence Number: 10013043000639

What exactly is Herbalife’s Dinoshake

Picking a solid protein powder for children is an overwhelming assignment, one which is made harder by the sheer volume of brands accessible. In any case, don’t stress! Herbalife Dinoshake is one of the most advantageous protein powders for children. Herbalife Dinoshake – Nutritional Children’s Drink Mix triggers the development procedure and enables your child to achieve healthy growth. As per the Institute of Medicine, both the quality and amount of protein are critical to addressing the issues of children during adolescence. Protein-rich plant nourishment, for example, beans, nuts, seeds, nut margarine and brown rice, can add to add up to protein allow and can give a youngster more fiber.

How Herbalife’s Dinoshake is prepared?

Herbalife Dinoshake incorporates natural eggs, refined dairy, natural poultry, fish, and grass sustained meat which can guarantee that a tyke gets supplements like, nutrient A, C, and E, calcium, zinc, iron as well as long-chain omega-3 unsaturated fats without any artificial colors or preservatives. Herbalife Dinoshake is basic for good wellbeing and is especially essential for the development and improvement of kids. This fundamental macronutrient is imperative for mental health, organ work, muscle development and fix, and a solid invulnerable framework. Because of the requests of development and improvement, getting satisfactory protein is especially vital all through early stages, youth and adolescence.

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Why Herbalife Dinoshake is necessary for kids?

In case you’re occupied and in a rush to make protein meals, a protein smoothie utilizing a perfect, nutritious protein powder, for example, Herbalife Dinoshake frequently prove to be useful. During the day, you can rapidly throw together a supplement rich shake that is stacked with protein, cancer prevention agents and fiber to help your child’s wellbeing and prosperity. There are different reasons why Herbalife Dinoshake can have an imperative influence on your child’s eating regimen, particularly in the event that they fit one of the classes underneath:

  • Selective Eaters:
    They don’t need meat or other protein sources, for example, eggs or beans. In case you’re experiencing with a particular eater then they are probably passing up their prescribed protein intake. Get your children into the kitchen and give them a chance to make their very own healthy and tasty with Herbalife Dinoshake.
  • Veggie Lover
    For kids who are vegetarian and don’t include enough tofu, cultured yogurt, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds in their diet, then having a Herbalife Dinoshake can help them reach your protein requirements. The Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health states that a well-balanced vegetarian diet can significantly provide the needs of children and adolescents.  It’s important to know that particular attention should be paid to adequate protein intake and sources of essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, C and E for kids who are vegetarian.
  • Poor concentration:
    Youngsters who have an eating routine high in carbohydrates and insufficient in protein, omega 3 and fundamental unsaturated fats can regularly encounter mood swings and poor concentration. In an investigation of 5000 understudies matured 9 – 11 via Cardiff University results exhibited a positive connection between understudies’ breakfast quality and their instructive achievement. Instructor evaluation scores were up to twice as high for understudies who had a decent breakfast, contrasted and the individuals who did not. Herbalife Dinoshake gives fundamental nutrition that incorporates protein and key supplements to meet growing children’s everyday needs.

How much Herbalife’s Dinoshake Protein your Child Need Daily?

Consumption of protein depends on the age group of a child. Here is the table which states the amount of protein required by children of different age group.
Herbalife Dinoshake Protein
If you have any other query about Herbalife Dinoshake, Feel free to contact our customer care at +918448852386 or mail us at hello@readillion.com

Note: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or pain. In compliance with applicable Laws.

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